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About restaurant "PIO"

The owners, father ŠIME KURELIĆ, son SILVANO KURELIĆ and daughter Simona Kurlić-Škibolahave founded in the year 1998 and since then successfully leading this young and ambitious restaurant and pension “PIO”. Name caries the memory on father and grandfather, builder in one part of the day and tourist worker in the other, free part of the day, when he drew guests with his boat direction “Pumpurela”. The main offer of the house is connected to services of the restaurant, on overnight staying with breakfast, half board or full board, organizing dinners, luncheons and caterings. For all the above mentioned there are quality prerequisites in people, space and equipment.

Track of development and growth of this business house are based on many years and generation experience and knowledge which counst over 30 years. When the owners say that it is all in “warm colors of garden-sage honey”, than their intention is pretty obvious - make the space commodious, peaceful, closely. All interior elements harmonize the idea of the pastel crayon series of the paintress ANKICA RIBAREVIĆ, interweaved with eternity motives and benevolence of the old olive trees. This touch of the Mediterranean is present in the interior and the same way inspires the “oasis of peace” on the terrace, important also because this green-colorful boon is situated in the urban surroundings. The real olive trees have clasped in their arms the terrace, underlined appertain to products, fragrances and flavor of home, indigenous being. For the colorful animation of the terrace are merited the queens of the space. Olive tree with its plain seriousness, hydrangea with the grace of its color diversity.

And if that is the ode of the space, it needs to be peered in the kitchen and inbreathe the fragrances of dishes made by skilled cooks ZDENKA DOMINIS and ŠIME KURELIĆ. Admirers of vegetarian kitchen will enjoy in various dishes of vegetables from grill, numerous salads, tasting the special “salsa” of the house “ala PIO”. And there is also a ratatuj. Traditional offer of dishes will guide you to the local essence and flavors of old receipts, octopus, cuttlefish and calamari salads, marinades and briny anchovies. Specialty of the house is “rapska grota” made the old way, defined with specific ness of micro region on the “kal” way, and octopus on “draga” way. With domestic and foreign vines, with aperitifs or finishes with domestic or foreign champagnes, you will be very contented guest. That has also contributed pleasant ambient, highly kitchen and service of sincere and professional hosts.